A spotter must be used when working inside specified clearances near overhead powerlines.

A Spotter is required for each item of plant or equipment operating in the vicinity of overhead electrical lines on any work site.

Overhead Power Lines

For distribution power lines outside 6.4 metres there are no specific requirements needed for an electrical spotter, any works between 6.4 metres and 3 metres a licenced spotter is required, this is known as the ‘spotter zone’ and working within 3 metres or less of power lines requires you to obtain permission/permit from relevant power network operator to work within that radius of the asset.

Trenches & Underground

Damage to underground infrastructure can be expensive and potentially very dangerous, a licenced Spotter can identify these assets for any organisation involved in excavating in a civil construction environment to assist in identify, locate & protect underground services such as power, sewer, gas, water & communication assets.

Safety Observer

A Safety Observer is another defined name for an Electrical Spotter, different states will use a different name however the role and responsibilities are the same. In Victoria Electrical Spotter is the more common name used.


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